Arkansas Progressive is an information hub that promotes cultural and economic strength, social equity and forward thinking leadership. We’re about building better communities, no matter our party politics.

One cornerstone of Arkansas Progressive is encouraging people to engage in their communities. For some, that may mean running for political office. For others, it can be as simple as attending a local event or supporting a neighborhood restaurant. And for still others, it’s giving back through volunteerism and stewardship. Arkansas Progressive strives to provide knowledge that will make it easier to be a part of community growth and progress.

Who are we?

Misty Murphy

Misty is the content curator for Arkansas Progressive. She spent a decade in journalism around Arkansas before moving into nonprofit work with the Northwest Arkansas Council and the Downtown Springdale Alliance. Find her cheering on cyclists in Northwest Arkansas, hiking a trail or researching a piece of Arkansas Progressive.

Landon Reeves

Landon Reeves is a writer/photographer who lives in Springdale. He is University of Arkansas alumni and a veteran reporter who has covered everything from the city beat to the state Capitol. He is married with two dogs and enjoys video games, literature, and the great outdoors.

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