Professor John Ryan: A mathematics rock star

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Let me preface by saying that I don’t understand all of the words I’m about to type. But that plays into my awe at how cool it is that a University of Arkansas math professor just had an international research journal dedicated to him for his birthday.

The journal, entitled “Complex Variables and Elliptic Equations,” created a special edition called “Special Issue: Clifford Analysis-theory and Applications. On the occasion of John Ryan’s 60th Birthday.” Even better? The publication comes after a conference named A Colloquium in Honor of John Ryan’s 60th Birthday held last year. How awesome do you have to be to have a conference and a journal dedicated to you while you’re still alive? As awesome as John Ryan, apparently.

As you might have inferred, Mr. Ryan specializes in the Clifford analysis with a particular interest in the links between Dirac type operators and conformal structures. He was the second scholar to ever receive a Higher Doctorate of Science from University of York, U.K., conferred in 2008. He was also a co-investigator on the first NSF grant given to fund a conference on Clifford analysis in 2014, and received the prestigious von Humboldt Fellowship from the von Humbolt Foundation to visit Technical University of Freiberg, Germany, in 1995.

Well done, Professor Ryan, and happy late birthday! We’re lucky to have you in Northwest Arkansas.